Apple-made processors, called Apple-branded processors

Apple-made processors, called Apple-branded processors, are single-chip microprocessors and system on a chip systems, respectively designed and manufactured by Apple Inc., primarily utilizing the ARM architecture. The chips are generally available with a standard ATA or SATA interface. Some models of these chips include a serial EEPROM backup for more robust data recovery operations.

One of the most widely used and widely utilized types of Apple silicon is the PowerPC, which is a custom-developed application processor developed by Apple in conjunction with Applied Micro. Apple’s PowerPC based processors are specifically intended for use in handheld devices such as handheld iPods, PDA’s, handheld game consoles, PDAs, and other similar portable personal digital devices (PDDs). These applications have been especially targeted by Apple to help make their devices much more appealing to consumers. They have included a variety of features, like battery saving features, enhanced touch screen capability and added memory storage. In addition, they have also sought to improve the efficiency of applications and to improve the performance of the device.

Apple has had a long standing association with IBM in the field of computers. IBM was a major producer of microprocessors for many years. Apple took over this production in the early 1990s. As such, Apple products are very compatible with IBM products and they often contain hardware that can be plugged into an IBM compatible motherboard. Some of the popular software applications are Macworld, QuickBooks, iWork, and Numbers. Apple also developed and published a variety of games, namely the game series of the same name, which was immensely popular in Japan.

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