What does SE in iPhone SE mean?

The iPhone SE was officially announced. The device is a new 4 inch device, but it comes with the same specs found the iPhone 6s. At launch event, Tim Cook forgot to tell what SE stands for.

Apple has just announced a new 4 inch iPhone SE. According to Apple, the iPhone SE is the company’s cheapest ever with a price tag of 399 USD. However, you may be wondering what “SE” stands for. Here are some suggestions you should know about.

According to tech experts, the iPhone SE launch event was a defiant strike over the ongoing confrontation between Apple and the US federal government. So, “SE” may stand for “Secure Edition”. Previously, Apple refused to help FBI unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino, California, shooters. Another boring but more conventional explanation is that SE means “Special Edition” or ” Second Edition”, since Apple is bringing back the 4 inch iPhone.

However, you may be wondering why Apple did not tell us. According to tech experts, SE is probably a silly in-joke like “Small-Hands Edition,” “Sad Edition,” “Squeezed Edition” or something more nefarious like “Surrender, Everyone.”

Before Apple announced the iPhone SE,  Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of environment and former director of the Environmental Protection Agency told us about the company’s endless efforts to protect environment and showed us some awesome pictures of yaks hanging out by some of Apple’s solar panels in China. Therefore, SE may stand for “Super Environmental”.

If you look back at Apple’s history, the company released a Macintosh SE in 1987, and Apple explained that SE was for “System Expansion”, since Macintosh SE was the first compact Mac to feature an expansion slot. However, No card slots are found on the iPhone SE.

SE has been on everyone’s lips since Apple announced the iPhone SE. According to some users, SE is simply for “Standard Error”.

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