Need To Know Information About Health Insurance When Studying In America (P.2)

4. Why should you buy your own health insurance before studying in the US?

In developed countries like the US car, housing, life and health insurance are almost imperative to reduce human’s risks and save costs for the buyers. Therefore, for those who go to the US for a short business trip, travelling, studying / long working purposes, or even getting married, they should equip themselves with health insurance and some others. It will be a shield helping you adapt to a new life and to be better prepared for sudden diseases.

5. Insurance for newcomers to the United States

The US has the most modern health care system in the world, but there is no national health system, which means residents or people living in the US with a student visa will have to pay their medical costs without receiving any health insurance. Because clinics in the US having a good quality, the cost of each time of having a medical examination may be of up to hundreds of dollars, and the money to buy drug is even more expensive. Unfortunately, if you get an accident or a serious illness, you can be cost up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. To avoid such costly situations, you should buy a private health insurance when living permanently in the US.

In fact, for newcomers to the US, if they are over 65 years old, or under 21 years old or a family having children under age 21, they will be entitled to Medicaid health program of the government. This is a brilliant health insurance program, and users are not required to pay any significant cost.

For J-1 visa holders (under cultural exchange programs) are required to have health insurance in the period of studying in the US. For other visa categories (such as F1 visa for students studying Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD degree or M visa for vocational students), the US government requires schools to have health insurance policy for these students. So, almost all universities and colleges in America require their students to purchase health insurance. Some schools require students to buy health insurance offered by the university, but other insurers are often accepted, as long as the coverage level can meet the requirement of the university.

Many universities and colleges in the US provide health insurance for international students through partners. But the price of this type of health insurance is very expensive, which can be of up to more than 1000-2000 USD per year.

6. A useful tip when buying your health insurance

In the case of fully moving to or visit relatives in the United States, health insurance provided by schools usually has a higher price but a lower insurance rate. Therefore, you should compare health insurance packages of a number of independent companies in order to find the choice in accordance with your needs and more.

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