iPhone 7 may sport a ceramic body

Sources say that Apple iPhone 7 could feature a ceramic body. Besides, the new device will sport a bigger battery and all new design. Noticeably, Apple has been rumored to ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack to make the phone even thinner.

Apple iPhone 7 has been the subject of lots of rumors for several months. Accordin to sources, Apple’s next iPhone will come with a significant change in design: The new device will sport a ceramic body.

In reality, a smartphone with ceramic body is not new, as we have already seen many devices featuring this original casing material. HTC One S, released in 2012, featured a ceramic body. However, the Taiwanese smartphone maker decided to ditch the design due to lack of material supplies. The technology has been improved since 2012 release of the HTC model, as Chinese smartphone maker is planning to launch a ceramic version of the Mi 5 in later this year.

The idea of a ceramic iPhone 7 may satisfy some Apple fans who are expecting something new.  Apple is now using different materials for its iPhone franchise including aluminum, plastic and glass.

A user, last week, posted an image about what he claimed to be iPhone 7’s battery. Accordingly, the cell has a capacity of 7.04 Whr. That is a 6.5% increase in capacity over the 6.61 Whr that the iPhone 6s battery contains. Besides, Apple is believed to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack to make more space for a bigger battery and allow the device to have an all-new, thinner-than-ever design.

Apple has been facing huge competition with other smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, LG and Sony. Cupertino – headquartered company is planning to open up its own store in India as an attempt to attract more users in the country. According to market analysts, Apple iPhones are the most desired smartphones in India.

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