iPhone 5s is now over

The iPhone SE is finally here. This means that Apple has discontinued the iPhone 5s. The iPhone SE will claim the iPhone 5s’s place as Apple’s cheapest phone. The device will be available for purchase on March 31.

Apple has officially announced its highly – anticipated iPhone SE. The new 4 inch iPhone comes with the same features and specs found on the current iPhone 6S. The launch of the iPhone SE marks the end of the iPhone 5s. According to Apple, the company has officially discontinued the iPhone 5s, and the 5S has been replaced by the SE on the iPhone hub of the Apple website. 

The news comes as no surprise, since the iPhone 5s is now more than three years old. Normally, Apple discontinues an iPhone when it announces a new one. Previously, Cupertino – based company discontinued the iPhone 5 when it unveiled the iPhone 5c. According to tech experts, the iPhone SE will be well received by the public and the media owning to its stunning design and exciting features found on the Apple’s high – end devices like iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The iPhone 5s was announced in September 2013 along with its mid-range counterpart, the iPhone 5C. The phone was the first Apple’s device to come with Touch ID. Apple sold nine million units of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on their weekend of release, breaking the company’s sales record for iPhones. Besides, the iPhone 5s was the best – selling phone on all major U.S. carriers in September 2013.

In reality, many users are still using the 4 inch iPhones despite the launch of the large – screened iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. According to a recent report, over 35% of iPhone users still stick with their 4 inch devices. The iPhone SE will meet the demand for a small – screened smartphone with high – end techs.

Apple is planning to expand its presence in emerging countries including India and Brazil. According the survey conducted by PhoneDog, Apple iPhones are the most desired smartphones in India.

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