Football legend Pele sues Samsung

Brazilian football legend Pele is suing Samsung for unauthorized use of his identity in a marketing campaign. Sources say that the football legend wants 30 million USD in damages. However, Samsung has not made any official announcements yet.

Brazilian football legend Pele today announced that he will take Samsung to court for “running a full-page ad in The New York Times that features a lookalike of him.”

According to sources, the 75-year-old Brazilian football legend is seeking 30 million in damages from the South Korean tech giant. Samsung’s ad did not include the name of name of the athlete featured, but it features a large image of a man who strongly resembles Pele. Besides, the athlete is performing what Pele claimed to be a “modified bicycle or scissors-kick, perfected and famously used by Pele.”

Some users argue that the move performed is a simple volley, not bicycle kick. However, we cannot deny that the athlete looks almost exactly like the former football player. Last year, Pele failed to reach an agreement with Samsung to use his identity for a marketing campaign.

According to Pele’s lawyer, Samsung chose a lookalike to avoid paying compensation for authorized use of Pelé’s identity.

Pele’s lawyer is Ferderick Sperling, who helped former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan win an USD 8.9 million jury verdict against the former supermarket chain Dominick’s for unauthorized use of his identity in a marketing campaign.

Pele is a retired Brazilian professional footballer. He is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. During his career, Pele scored 1281 goals in 1363 games, including unofficial friendlies and tour games, for which he was listed in the Guinness World Records for most career goals scored in football. 

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