Cortana is now smarter

Cortana is facing huge competition with Apple Siri and Google Now. However, Microsoft is showing its determination by bringing many big changes to its virtual assistant.

At Microsoft Build 2016 event, Microsoft announced that the company’s virtual assistant, Cortana will receive many improvements this year. Tech experts say that Microsoft has been working on making its Cortana smarter and more proactive in an attempt to compete directly with Apple’s Siri.

According to Microsoft, its virtual assistant, Cortana will be embedded right on the lock screen so you can simply unlock your phone and give voice commands.

Tech analysts say that Redmond – based company has been working on combining the natural language and artificial intelligence in order to help its Cortana act more naturally with humans. Other analysts say that Microsoft will be struggling to fight against other virtual assistants including Apple Siri and Google Now, since Windows – powered phones have been showing a dramatical drop in sales over the past 12 months.

Microsoft says that Cortana has now ability to parse through your information – such as email and calendar appointments – and intelligently create links. For example, Microsoft’s Marcus Ash lets Cortana read an exchange regarding flight details from his email and then Cortana will automatically create an appointment in his Outlook for the flight. To prevent unnecessary mistakes, “these appointments are also helpfully tagged as being created by Cortana.”

Besides, Cortana now allows developers to add their own data and suggestions based on the context. For example, Cortana will automatically give you a list of restaurants available for reservations after seeing a lunch date on your calendar.

Microsoft has been struggling to survive in the smartphone business. The company’s Windows phones are losing money, and Redmond – based company is believed to focus more on other potential sectors this year.

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