4 best cities for cycling

Cycling might be one of the best ways to stay healthy and keep fit. Noticeably, cycling through the streets of one of the most beautiful cities may be the best moment in your life. Here are 4 cities you can explore by cycling.

Cycling through many streets of some leading cities in the world may be a good way for you to stay active and keep fit. Here are some big cities where this green mode of transportation has become an integral part of people’s life.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark 

In the city capital of Denmark, 1/3 of Copenhagen residents who work or study in Copenhagen cycle to their workplace or educational institution. According to a report, each day people cycle 1.2 million kilometres in Copenhagen, and even top politicians ride their bike every day to parliament. The city includes many green routes along with modern transport system. Cycling in Copenhagen is fast, convenient, healthy, climate-friendly, enjoyable and cheap.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the best cities for cyclists in the world. The city has been attracting more and more people thanks to its safe environment and large roads, best suited for cyclists. Cycling culture in the city has closed the gap between the rich and the poor. In Amsterdam, there are over 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam, which means there are more bikes than people. Cycling in the city may be one of the best moments in your life.

3. Utrecht, The Netherlands

With over 60% of the city’s resident commute by bikes, the city of Utrecht is undoubtedly one of the most ideal cities for cyclist.  There are a variety of wonderful cycling routes in the city. The authorities are planning to build more green routes for cycling to ensure safer environment to ride through many busy streets of the city. Currently, there are 13 staffed and monitored bicycle parkings. The city is building a revolutionary bike parking facility, which would accommodate up to 12,500 bikes.

4. Strasbourg, France

The French city of Strasbourg is best known for one of the best cities for cycling in the country. Bikes have make their way to a part of residents’ life in the city. The city and its surrounding area now include 536km of cycle routes. Besides, there are plenty of places for tourists to rent a bicycle and start exploring the city.

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