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Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. - Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Costco Preparing to Begin Selling iPhone and iPad

Back in late 2010, Apple and warehouse club chain Costco parted ways, ending a relationship that had seen Costco carrying iPods and iTunes Store gift cards. The two companies now appear to have patched up their differences, reaching an agreement that will see the second largest retailer in the U.S. begin carrying the iPhone and cellular iPads through its wireless kiosks.
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Radxa: The $100 Quad-Core ARM Raspberry Pi Alternative

Many will think of the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black when considering a DIY project running Linux. But if you want to do some CPU-heavy work in your DIY project, like running some opencv code to give your project some vision, the Radxa Rock might be the right choice. Even if you're not looking at a DIY project, this machine makes for a nice little Linux server.
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What is Cloud Computing?

"What's the cloud?" "Where is the cloud?", "Are we in the cloud now?!" These are all questions you've probably heard or even asked yourself. The term "cloud computing" is everywhere, and we are here to explain it.
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Is your next PC a tablet?

The days of the desktop PC may be numbered. PC sales continue to slide as table sales double every year. For the average user, the convenience, low price and portable of the tablet win hands down over the conventional pc desktop.
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